Our purpose is to invest in properties which generate income and also provide long term capital growth. The intention is to build streams of property income for the future and leave a legacy for those who follow.

There is still a shortage of good accommodation and there are still many run-down old buildings which need to be brought up to a top notch standard. To solve this problem we have created a network to find, buy, finance, refurb, and let out the properties.

One effective solution is to buy old houses and convert them into shared living spaces (Homes of Multiple Occupation - HMOs). There are many approaches to this. Our current model is to buy 2 bedroom properties and convert them into 5 beds for young professionals. The 2 bed house to 5 bed HMO conversion model assumes a purchase price of about £160k and about £100k spent on refurbishment. This produces annual income of about £25k which after costs should leave a profit of over £12k. That’s a return on investment in the range 15% -20% depending on the financing arrangements

To find out why this works click here. To understand how the JV arrangement works click here or download our one page summary here